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Technology - IntelliH2O Wireless Water Meter by Capstone Metering

IntelliH2O - Wireless Water Metering by Capstone

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Renders all others obsolete

The IntelliH2O® with its robust feature set renders smart meters obsolete.  Today, water providers are forced to settle for water management solutions that use smart meter technology such as AMI and AMR to collect customer water usage data.  Data are integrated into basic usage management applications for billing and basic water management functions.


The intelliH2O®, built to AWWA standards, has re-defined the water meter industry with the introduction of an intelligent water meter offering customers enhanced features such as:


• Integrated Ball Valve for On/Off Control
• Modular 2-Way Wireless Communications Design featuring both Wi-Fi and Cell
• Industry Leading Accuracy
• Integrated Pressure/Temperature Sensing
• Onboard Power Generation with Rechargeable Battery System


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